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This session is to provide further information and discussion on this topic: Safety Information Bulletin 2014-01 - Cessna-Supplemental (Structural) Inspection Programmes - has been issued to explain EASA's current position concerning the applicability of the structure inspections for Cessna 100 and 200 Series aeroplanes. PDA. View Full Version : Cessna 100 series SID inspections. ron. 07-31-2012, 09:58 PM. I am amazed that there has no mention or reaction to cessna's new inspection requirements for the ageing cessna.I have just read through the initial requirements for the cessna 180/185 and it is somewhat horrific.Here in New Zealand they are following the Cessna had already been working on a new 400-series twin called the 431, a larger stablemate to the 421 Golden Eagle. The company changed course, and replaced the 431s enormous Continentals with a pair of Garrett TPE-331-8 turboshaft engines producing 636 HP apiece.

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These documents detail additional inspections, checks, and servicing that Cessna has determined need to be performed. 1) A Conquest owner must do the SID if their last Inspection was after August 31, 2007 (the day before the SID was issued). The exception will be: if before that date, in the aircraft maintenance records, the owner selected an approved inspection program other than the current Manufacturer's inspection program. Cessna finally released the Special Inspection Documents (SIDs) for its 100 series aircraft.

Therefore, Cessna SIDs for 100/200 series are not mandatory inspections from a regulatory point of view, even though they may be designated "mandatory" by Cessna. 2.3 Compliance with SIDs for Cessna series aircraft is recommended in line with the principles set out in Commission Regulation (EC)2042/2003, Part M, M.A.302 and the related AMCs (in SID’s, of course, are the industry’s way of addressing the aging GA aircraft fleet. It’s likely SID’s will be developed for all legacy GA aircraft, not just twin Cessna’s.

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200 Series HPSE. C100SID (Model 120/140/170/190/195) D470-TR6 (Model 200 Series 1960 - 1965 Serv.

Aerofly FS 2 - Just Flight - Cessna 152 på Steam

4. 2012-05-24 · Cessna finally released the Special Inspection Documents (SIDs) for its 100 series aircraft. These call out for numerous additional inspections depending on hours and service and age. The 400/300 series twins were the first to get SIDs and their market value collapsed since then. The 100 series inspections appear to be less intrusive but they are 2009-08-23 · The most infamous is the one for 402 Cessnas, which for aircraft with over 15,000 hours requires the installation of wing-spar straps in a procedure that is so expensive that it threatens grounding much of the fleet.

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Man.) CR172SID (Model R172 (T-41) 2012-05-24 2009-08-23 2008-05-01 2014-08-07 CASA is extending the compliance date for Cessna supplemental inspection documents (SIDs) compliance to 30 June 2018. The exemption applies to Cessna 100 series aircraft (including the Cessna 150, 152, 172, and 182) that are privately owned. To receive the extension (or, strictly speaking, two-year exemption) Cessna operators must do three things: SIDs are required to be complied with in accordance with CAR 42V approved maintenance data.

This is usually annotated in the ODP section stating, "F cessna SIDs inspections. our team is highly experienced when it comes to the cessna SID inspection program.
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Subsequently, these revisions made the SIDs and CPCPs part of the official Cessna manufacturer’s maintenance program. So if you want to operate Part 135 today with most Cessna aircraft, and select a manufacturer’s maintenance program per 135.421, that maintenance program now includes SIDs and CPCPs. Cessna Single Engine Airplanes 145,000 produced between 1946-1986 Averageageis42yearsoldAverage age is 42 years old requirements for corrosion to occur SIDs are required to be complied with in accordance with CAR 42V approved maintenance data. Visual inspection techniques are utilised to detect corrosion and cracks caused by metal fatigue.

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We can help! Email or give us  Sidtransparens. Facebook This aircraft has been completely refurbished, all Cessna SIDS carried out.